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Practice Policies

Roswell Rapids Practice Policies and Suggestions:

** Please note that Roswell Rapids parents are NOT allowed inside the fenced pool area during practice.** This policy is in place for the safety of all swimmers. It allows the swimmers to focus better and listen to the coaches without the distraction of their parent's presence. Coaches and Rapids Board Members will be present during practices to assist swimmers once they are on the pool deck. All Rapids coaches and Board Members are background checked prior to the start of the season. We sincerely appreciate your compliance with this policy.

  • Arrival:
    • Please arrive to practice on time
    • Arrive at practice dressed in your swimsuit and ready to swim
    • Swimmers enter the pool deck area directly through the open fence. You do not need to enter through the building.
  • What to bring to practice:
    • Swimsuit.  Girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit.
    • Goggles (required)
    • Cap (required)
    • Towel
    • Shorts/T-Shirt/Sneakers in case of dryland training
  • Practice Conclusion
    • Swimmers will be dismissed from practice by the coaches at practice conclusion.
    • Swimmers will exit the pool deck directly through the open gate. 
    • Please be on time and at/near the gate to pick your swimmer up at the conclusion of practice.
  • If your swimmer needs to leave practice early, please let a coach or Board Member know upon your arrival at practice. We will then help retrieve your swimmer at the appropriate time.
  • If you need to speak with a member of the coaching staff regarding your swimmer, please set up a time to speak with them before or after practice or ask a Board Member to do so on your behalf. While the coaches are happy to talk with parents regarding their swimmer, during practice the coaches are focused on assisting all of the swimmers and this is not a time that coaches generally have to chat with parents one-on-one. 
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Friends of the Roswell Parks  -  Roswell Rapids Booster Club

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